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. >> today's valentine's day, white house spokesman said the president and mrs. clinton will honor the holiday by observing a moment of silence. expected to last the entire evening. chris: and when we come back, barack obama replaced troops on the ground with drones in the sky. >> the administration also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we provide. >> i will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our constitution and our freedom. chris: boy, he's gotten older, hasn't he? that was president obama as a candidate in 2007, running hard against the legacy of the bush-cheney foreign policy. at issue now today the 700% rampup of drone strikes under obama. there have been 350 under obama, largely in pakistan. a key question is blowback, no one knows how many untargeted civilians have been killed by drone strikes or the damage to winning hearts and mind over there. the effect of blowback is a central theme in the television series "homeland" where the
. on monday, new york city mayor michael bloomberg and former president clinton praised ed koch. he died on february 1, 2013 at the age of 88. he served three terms as new york city mayor from 1978-1989. this portion is 20 minutes. >> i come today with love and condolences of new yorkers who are grieving with you at this moment. ed must be loving all of this attention. [laughter] i was thrilled he picked my neighborhood for his funeral. president clinton and rudy giuliani and governor cuomo and governor schumer and city and state federal and international officials and dignitaries, friends and family, fellow new yorkers, everyone is here today . i' i have no doubt ed is beaming and watching us down here. before last year's state of the city speech, we ran a video that included a shot of ed denting at the entrance ramp and yelling to all the cars that approached,, welcome to my bridge. welcome to my bridge. [laughter] needless to say, he brought down the house. half of the cameras stopped -- after the cameras stopped rolling, he stayed out there in the freezing cold shouting, welcome to m
. president clinton president clinton and rudy giuliani and governor cuomo and governor schumer and city and state federal and international officials and dignitaries, friends and family, fellow new yorkers, everyone is here today. i have no doubt ed is beaming and watching us down here. before last year's state of the city speech, we ran a video that included a shot of ed denting at -- standing at the entrance ramp and yelling to all the cars that approached,, welcome to my bridge. welcome to my bridge. [laughter] needless to say, he brought down the house. after the cameras stopped rolling, he stayed out there in the freezing cold shouting, welcome to my bridge. he loved it and we loved him. no mayor i think has ever embodied the spirit of new york city like he did. i do not think anyone will. brash and irreverent, full of humor, he was our city's it essential mayor. it was an attitude he displayed for the world every day. we have such respect for him. it was matched by his integrity, intelligence, and independence. i was lucky enough to get an endorsement from him for first term of ma
unquote in any way commiserate with the earthquake as bill clinton would soon were or that the ground would become a significant more dangerous. the rain could be bad but it isn't usually that bad. the caribbean doesn't have a monsoon. the danger of floods and landsat would be somewhat greater when hurricane season got underway but in march it was still several months to mitigate the danger. nevertheless, returning to new york, he would expand on his concerns in washington's post on writing that quote is ground seemed quote turned to mud, dangers entities. he joined the drumbeat of warnings about the approaching of the rain. aid agencies are in a race against time, but a press release. once again it was because it's the only way to get aid and donors was to create indiscriminate panic. and again, media were not amused. when the first season range are hidden from my editors rush me out too, or else, the golf course. for waiters with a waterproof notebook and headlamp and that justifies entering the mequon dealt in july. i switched, stopped to the amused greetings of two men playing car
chiefs chairman or with secretary of state clinton. we also understand that on that night, the state department, or the government chartered an airplane in tripoli and flew some security agents in to benghazi. but it's my understanding, they were heldum at the airport. tell us what you found out about that. >> well, there's a six-person rescue team left tripoli to reinforce the annex in benghazi. they left at 1:30-- excuse me they aride at 1:30 in the morning libyan time. it was not until 5:00 that they could get to the annex. they were held up for three and a half hours at the airport had problems with the militias releasing them and a lot of bureaucratic is that fuse. here's my question-- did the president ever pick up the phone and call the libyan government and say "let though people out of the airport. they need to get to the annex to protect our people under siege?" did the president at any time during the eight-hour attack pick up the phone and call anybody in libya to get help for these folks? secretary clinton said she was screaming on the phone at libyan officials. there's
's welcome back president bush had it his second term. president clinton below. how do you have him handle the rest? >> he will do what he has been doing. you use the word "confrontational." i would use a different word. they will be very familiar themes. the economy will be central and how we can grow it. so everybody can participate. fair shot, pay your fair share but other things that he does lay out, he'll lay out the looming deadline on the sequester and tough choices we have to make around it and consequences if we let the sequester go into effect and, you know, cuts to some pretty critical programs, so i think the state of the union is always an important moment in a presidency, not just another case for the people sitting in the room but the country of the tough choices we have to make and i think he'll make it. >> nicolle, a cautionary tale on the state of the union. >> i think that he made the proposal to reform social security without having his own party on board. that's a lesson for any president, but i think president obama did the republican party a huge favor by delivering
and other diplomatic facilities. based on secretary clinton's recent testimony before congress, it is clear that the state department and the department of defense are already consulting on this review, high-threat posts as well as posts where the host nation, despite having the will to protect diplomatic facilities does not have the capacity to protect them. in some cases, these posts are located in countries where the department of defense and the state department have assistance programs with similar objectives. these are perhaps areas where the two departments can explore whether additional collaboration is appropriate. during secretary clinton's testimony before congress, she talked about the importance of properly resourcing africa command. they reached full operational capability less than five years ago and has been an -- what's called an economy of force effort to date. the events of last september raised questions about the adequacy of the department of defense's resourcing with respect to africom in terms of funding, assigned personnel, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissan
of you have was secretary clinton/ -- would secretary clinton? >> would not have any conversations with secretary clinton. >> is the same trooper you -- true for you? my time is expired. senator we ask you about securing the compound in 23 days to do so. -- and the 23 days to do so. we saw news crews seeing sensitive documents. you said that you were not requested to secure the compound. had you been requested to secure the compound, the u.s. military could have done so effectively. >> yes. >> thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> you can watch more on their testimony on the attack on the consulate's in benghazi. next, a feral ceremony for outgoing defense secretary leon panetta. president obama and the joint chiefs of staff paid tribute to him. the ceremony included members from all of the u.s. armed forces as well as performances by the band. this is about 50 minutes. ♪ ♪ [applause] ba♪ ♪ ["yankee doodle" plays] >> ladies and gentleman, please stand for the playing of the united state
, perhaps as much as president presidents like president clinton and others. but to clark's point, the biggest debate is within the republican party. the fact that they have two republicans in the response to the state of the union is a party that's divided. i think in the past election, we saw that the republican party is on the wrong side of history when it comes to climate change, guns, gay marriage, jobs, all these issues the president laid out in his inaugural address. we're going to hear how he's going to move those issues forward tuesday night in a way that is widely supported by the american people, and the republican party just needs to figure out whether they want to get on board with the rest of america or want to be behind the curve of history and be an afterthought over the next decade. >> paul, i've got to stop you right now. thank you very much. and also clark judge, we appreciate it. both men writing speeches for presidents past and present. tune in at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday for our live coverage of the state of the union speech. clinton ronashey will be a guest of t
in either chamber. former president bill clinton sitting down with house democrats during their annual party retreat. on friday, the democrats opened it to cameras as and president bill clinton get congressional democrats a little bit of advice. >> it is obvious as a political strategy it is in the interest of our party and the programs and policies and lead -- and the direction that we believe and to make the midterm electorate look more like the electorate in the presidential years. i think that is obvious. i also think that we should not rely on demographics alone. we should not give up on our ability, particularly in these periods when we are not in the heat of the election, to begin a conversation with people who are not as extreme as a lot of candidates they voted for in the republican party that we can get to before us. be for us. i see this on issue not as a toxic land mine, but an opportunity. host: bill clinton as he spoke to democrats in their annual retreat. we are joined live on the phone with a reporter who was there. thank you very much for being with us. we were attracted to
with secretary clinton and then director petraeus. >> and now clap. >>> they supported the idea of arming the rebels in syria but that the president overruled the entire national security team. what do you make of that and from what we hear from his aides his continued refusal to intervine in the civil war in syria? >> i think they are writing one of the most shameful chapters in american history. 60,000 people have been massacred. i have been to the refugee camps and met the people. the atrocious treatment that is going on. it is disgraceful and there is a national security component. it would be the greatest blow to iran in the last 25 years if bashir assad failed not to mention hezbollah. it is incomprehensible of the president of the united states to say that because people are dying in the congo is a reason not to act in syria shows a lack of experience and knowledge which is dangerous to american national security interests and again it is shameful that we have let over 60,000 people be massacred and we won't even give them arms while the iranians, the iranian revolutionary guard on
martin dempsey who revealed along with secretary of state clinton and -- >> director of national intelligence, clapper. >> chris: right. added to it, they all, last summer, last fall, support the idea of arming the rebels in syria, but, the president overruled his entire national security team. what do you make of that and from what we hear from his aide, his continued refusal to intervene in the civil war in syria? >> i think, they are writing one of the more shameful chapter in american history, 60,000 people have been massacred. i have been to the refugee camps and met the people, the atrocious treatment going on. it is disgraceful and, by the way, there is a national security component, it would be the greatest blow to iran, in the last 25 years, if bashar al-assad fell, not to mention hezbollah. so, it is incomprehensible and the president of the united states, to say, because people are dying in the congo is a reason not to act in syria? it shows to me a lack of experience and knowledge which is very dangerous to america's national security interests and, again, it is shame
, is it going to hurt the economy? bill clinton, who the democrats love and also admittedly some republicans cut discretionary spending from 22 to 18% of gdp and what happened in the economy? this is the way to kind of tighten the belt, i think is the best thing that could happen. >> some of the things are draconian. there are a lot of cuts that might be surprising and fbi agents and cuts in treatment to the mentally ill and cuts in food inspection. >> irs agents. >> you know, brenda, some cuts are better than no cuts, i'll give you that, but this is no solution, it was supposed to be a backup plan for doing something smart and it is to the speaker's point, arbitrary, a bit of a meat ax and doesn't cut enough. and it will seem like we solved the problem like we did with the tax, but yet the budget deficit will not go away under any form of the decade. it's got cuts and arbitrary and some things cutting, irs agents, yeah, going to save salary that year, but going to do less audits and more treasures to the salary. this doesn't save necessarily anything for the government if it's arbitrary cuts. y
the longest state of the union? [ inaudible ] >> you got it. who else but our friend bill clinton. in 2000, his state of the union was 1:28:49. he loves to talk. it's true. >> he is slower, too. a southern drawl. >> yeah, but i think he likes hearing himself. >> the applause. >> he likes the applause lines. question three. it's about to get harder. sorry. name either of the two president who is never gave a state of the union. and they never gave it because of circumstance that is could not be helped. >> was it jefferson? >> no, he wrote it. >> fdr? >> no, he gave a bunch. it was -- it's all right if you didn't know this one nerdland. william henry harrison and james garfield. i have a sticker if you know why. >> they died. >> he died before -- it's very sad. >> wear your overcoat at the inauguration is the story here. all right. which president gave the first televised state of the union address? >> laura? >> didn't you tell us at the beginning of the program? wasn't it lbj or fdr? >> no. lbj gave the first prime time one. that was the classic plant false information that's kind of clues.
-up artist for president clinton. she may still be. she made you up today. >> there we go. she hit the big time family. >> she improved on nature. >>> this is really a season of tomorrow for -- tor meant for the person who has had a dull russ relationship. the adulterer is a very tormented person. is that true? >> of course they are. you are dealing with feelings you have towards your spouse, your lover. you don't know which way to turn. it is the ultimate glt. if you do not have the gil it is antisocial-type of personality. >> we are joined on a live line by pamela paul who is a distinguished writer and published a book called "foreign affied." also the author of "start matrimony." >> senator brown held hearings on the effect. pornography on the family and i was there to talk about the impact porn had on relationships, marriages and children. >> the subcommittee held an entire hearing on the subject of pornography and its availability and volume. can you speak to that? >> sure. it used to be even just 10 or 15 years ago in order to have access to porn you have to go down to seedy side of
, john kerry, but i'm here to tell you, hillary clinton broke the law in paris. as evidenced by this picture. forminger french first lady, carla bruni was a scafflaw, too. laura bush, also a violator. angela merkel likes to take the french to task but she could have found herself in parisienne hot water as well. their crime? wearing pants. you see, toor more than 200 years, it has actually technically been illegal for a woman to wear trousers in paris, unless official permission was granted. it seems as during the french revolution, the lady revolutionaries took to wearing pants and the powers that be at the time wanted to put a swift end to that. so they made it illegal in 1800. amendments came over the years allowing women to dare to wear trousers for riding bikes or horses but the law remained on the books until this week when it was repealed, by the minister for women's rights. the correct answer to our gps challenge question was a, richard the iii was a plantagenet, which ruled over britain from henry 1216. and a new battle has started over where his final resting place
pollster for president bill clinton. pat, what did you think? >> he was better than hagel in the hearing. >>gregg: that is not saying much. >> he got caught up in the drone stuff and making incredible statements. what came out because the same day he testified we had outgoing secretary of defense panetta, went to testify on benghazi and told us what we learned. two weeks ago, we talked last week about the difference between what panetta and clinton said about iran versus hagel, and two weeks ago when they went on "60 minutes" we called it the biggest pay off in history. in that show, i remember suggesting one of the reasons that came out of hillary clinton's testimony was interesting to pursue, what was the president doing? we now know the president wasn't engaged. they had a 5:15 minute meeting that was preplanned and he did not talk to secretary of defense, clinton, and according to panetta, talked to no one. what we have a foreign policy that is coming apart. >>gregg: you were in the carter administration. all hands on deck the. >> the president himself, for ten, 15, 20 hours a day, i
part of the research for me as a couple of years ago i got a letter from now former president clinton and i'm going to send him one of the books and then i got one of the craziest best fan letters i have forgotten my whole life. it came from former president george h.w. bush. he read one of my novels the billionaires and asked if i would sign a copy for him. you are a leader of the free world, you will get a free book. whatever you want you have rented. you are the president. terry nice. i spent time with the bushes there and barbara and george are the sweetest and nicest people. they spent the first half hour of iowa's with them it was president bush trying to commence my wife that he invented the -- that is quality material. that's a good joke. he did not invent the phrase you are the man. he might have but the nice part was as i was researching this book i got to ask president bush questions about the white house and his time there and listen i write fiction. i can write anything i want but we all know that there are only a few people on this planet who know what it's like to live
because they did not support the surge can after hillary clinton and, barack obama, get after the entire joint chiefs of staff at the time who were all against the surge. you can make the case it works in the tactical way and it did cost a lot of money and a thousand extra soldiers died was that worth it? i don't know. but it is not a clear-cut fact that we won. but the jewish lobby question, the israeli press we refer to the jewish lobby there has been this thing going for years anybody to chris -- criticizes israel your anti-semitic you're talking about jews, not brazil -- israel. it is playing with words. i knowed jews in nebraska that never got any sense of anti-semitism the last three years has been president of mama's chair intelligence advisory board i have talked to people who have sat at meetings with them and i have been told that they have no dog in the fight there was no deal logical tilt with questions of iran's nuclear program. and the quality of the answers under questioning is kind of pathetic, but i don't know. i am sure the votes are lined up for him to win but you don'
choice. my meineke. >>> time to get you ready for the week ahead. on monday, president clinton will award clinton romesha the medal of honor. he risked his life to save fellow soldiers in afghanistan in 2009. also -- president obama, i apologize. and on monday, westminster dog show. on tuesday, the state of the union is coming up. you might have to dvr night two of the dog show because president obama will give the state of the union address on fuss. wednesday, and mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook gets political. he's hosting a fund raiser for new jersey republican governor chris christie's re-election bid. and on thursday, illinois gay marriage legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in illinois could reach the floor. that's on valentine's day. on friday, the asteroid, we're all talking about the asteroid. 150-foot asteroid about half the size of a football field will be the closest shave in known history according to masnasa. coming as close as 17,000 miles to our planet. closer than the tv satellites you're watching me on right now. >>> the grammys aren't the only awards show w
and as bill clinton would say, it's ar rit arithmetic. you use the word diplomatic. you can disagree without being disagreeable. and that's a tone he has to take. confident, strong, and yet being open to other ideas and compromises and getting the work done. >> how have you felt that he has done toward that end since the election? do you agree with the commentary that the president has been -- seen much less willing to want to deal with republicans. do you agree with that? >> put yourself in his shoes. he came in talking about bipartisanship and working together and didn't get very far. got zero votes on health care, very few on the stimulus package if any from one or two from republicans, three in the senate. he was ready to take a more aggressive stance. he won the election pretty solidly and he feels -- who am i advising the president of the united states? like giving ted williams batting tips. but he -- it seems to me strong, confident, but a strong and confident person also listens and is sure to make compromises when the time comes. the other thing, candy, being around the capitol for
years ago, i got a letter from former president clinton, writing about one of the books because someone sent him one of the books. and then i got one of the craziest, best fan letter is ever got from former president george h.w. bush, and he read one of my novels, the millionaires, ask asked if i would sign a copy of it. i said, you're the leader of the free world you get a free book. whatever you want. you're the president. and very nice, has me out to houston. i spend some time with the bushes there, and barbara and george are the sweetest people. they spent the first half hour we were with them, it was president bush trying to convince my wife he invented the phrase "you the man." and that's a good joke. my wife said, did you know he invented the phrase -- i said he did not invent the phrase pow you the men." but i don't know. he's the president. but i got to ask president bush questions about the white house and his time there, and i write fiction. i can make up anything i want. but we all know that there are only a few people on this planet who know what it's like to live in the wh
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say she has no plans to head to l.a. tonight. former president bill clinton is also nominated along about ellen degeneres, and we should note with great pride, our own rachel maddow as well. president obama already has two nominations in the category. >>> next up, the world's largest parking lot still today closed for more storm cleanup. snow and abandoned vehicles. >>> also, not guilty of a cover-up? joe paterno's family tries to clear his name from the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. details on that as well. [ male announcer ] no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> i'm craig melvin. good sunday to you. here's a quick look
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, fight to the death, winners run against hillary clinton. the losers say it's not their fault they lost. wait a minute. that doesn't make any sense and neither does this fight on the right for the right to say you're right and with me tonight are two msnbc political analysts joy reid of the grio and david corn from mother jones. it's a joy to watch this, watch rove running around as a new matt dillon cleaning up the party, cleaning up main street from all the bad guys when, in fact, many people would say that karl rove has been the problem from since 2000 when he brought us "w." >> absolutely. you nailed it. you call him the coocoo's nest. the reason he's considered a smart guy in politics he's found a way to convince the nest george w. bush is really your guy and then to go to the business wing of the republican party and say guess what, george w. bush is your guy. this guy passed off neo conservatism as conservatism, passed off the idea of endless war and nation building to conservatives. he sold them a bill of goods and what they got back is medicare part d, ballooning deficit and cr
of folks, the vice president, former president clinton, the head of the imf, christine lagarde, and panels where the focus was on jobs and the economy, and how we do more to expand economic growth, share prosperity and deal with the long-term deficit in a balanced way so that we are able to sustain economic growth in the out years. we looked at a lot of ideas on trying to make our economy more competitive, how to encourage more innovation and more investment in everything from infrastructure to broadband, to new ideas -- i mean, remember, it was taxpayer dollars that helped to see the internet in the beginning. investing in technology at the basic research phase is important to long-term economic growth. so, there are a lot of ideas that we focused on there, as well as trying to look for that balanced approach to the long- term deficit and the particular proposal house democrats have proposed to prevent that very destructive sequester from taking place. >> it seems that your ideal with the sequester with house democrats did not go far. stimulus measures on job training are not getting thro
2016 and about a year from now. we'll be talking about the 2014 election. will hillary clinton run. now president obama has to capitalize and i think he's got to get some type of landmark legislation signed into law by the summer. >> interesting that you bring up legislation because the president will talk about issues that are so important to our nation, but then he's got to convince congress to act and acted in a bi-partisan way. it may cost money. i want to show you this fox news poll about how americans are reacting to the potential if there were to be another economic stimulus. 61% of americans oppose that idea. so even if the president could get congress to agree to oppose legislation that he wants, do we have the money to pull it off? >> no, and republicans are not going to go for that. i mean, that's clear. they were not enamored with president obama's inaugural address which was really loved by the left. i think he's going to have to change tactics a little bit and we're seeing some reports that anything that the president proposes that would cost money would have to be offset
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